Beach Street Music & Graffiti Festival

Beach Street Music & Graffiti Festival

The Beach Street Festival all started from an idea to gather friends from all over Europe in a music and graffiti meeting for holidays, to have a good time and paint a huge abandoned hotel, right here in Vatera Beach, in Lesbos Island, Greece.

After we started planning it though, we realized that this initiative could becaome bigger, support more people and become a music and graffiti festival, FREE and open to anyone so that as many people as possible could join our summer group of friends.

And this way, along with all the music, the sun, the sea and parties, the sleeping grey giant sleeping in vatera will come to life.

In order for everyone to come and enjoy these four days of graffiti and music, the entrance and the camping will be FREE. We believe that if people don’t take action and organize themselves, nothing will just happen, and certainly not the way we dream of it.


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